"It will be great for the Games, fantastic ten years later and at its best in one hundred years."

When we set out in 2014, inspired by the words of John Hopkins simply to work with visionary people and organisations, we could not have predicted the directions this would carry us.

We have never set any parameters on the good people and good things that we work on and we are always curious to turn our experience to new sectors and challenges.

The ground we have already covered in our work includes: international and UK mental health campaigns and services; national infrastructure decision-making and projects; major national NGO awareness and fundraising campaigns; sports participation; and corporate culture change and philanthropy in banking, infrastructure and fashion. We also have a digital communications subscription service, 100 Vision Communications Club, giving individuals and small businesses affordable access to support.

We have built particular expertise in mental health communications and campaigns, including advising companies investing in the improvement of the mental health of their employees and communities in which they operate.

Bringing people together is often the spark for our best work. We love to help form partnerships, run coalitions and make connections so that campaigns can have an impact greater than the sum of their parts.

We are a small, young company with a simple founding vision to work with good people doing good things towards a better future.

If you think that sounds like you, we’d love to help you make your vision a reality.

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Our people

Our vision is to enable the people we work with to build a better future for us all by:

Better wellbeing

Stronger connections

One planet