Independent decision-making to improve UK infrastructure

Over the past 40 years the UK has fallen behind the rest of the world in the planning, upgrading and delivery of the infrastructure that connects and supports the country. Former Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority, John Armit, took on the challenge of finding an urgently needed solution to this problem and 100Vision was proud to support him and the team he pulled together.

Advising on engagement around the major review of UK decision-making and helping to shape the report itself, we then coordinated a national media launch. Following a carefully managed stakeholder engagement plan, the report and its recommendations were launched through broadcast and print exclusives and briefings, a media visit to a Crossrail site and an event bringing together media, politicians and industry leaders.

While the report was commissioned by the Labour Party, the communication and engagement plan was designed to enable and encourage bi-partisan support for an approach designed to help the country plan for the prosperity and wellbeing of future generations.

The core recommendations were adopted by the Conservative Government shortly afterwards and the National Infrastructure Commission was quickly in place and guiding the upgrading and replacement of the infrastructure we all rely upon.

The establishment of the National Infrastructure Bill

Interviews on every national broadcaster

Support of industry and media business commentators

A bi-partisan launch

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