What we do

Preparing the Olympic Park

We deliver a complete range of communications and engagement services to support people and projects with a one hundred year vision of better infrastructure, homes, places, parks and quality of life.

We bring together bespoke teams of the best in the business, with decades of combined experience, tailored to deliver each project and help turn vision into reality.

Smart strategy

Whether for a short, focused campaign or event or for the whole organisation’s two-year plan or a ten year project, we work with you to develop a smart communications and engagement strategy with clear objectives, core messages, channels, target audiences, tactics, measurement and a detailed delivery plan.

Strategy always comes before tactics and answers come after the questions. We usually get the ball rolling by asking  “what are we trying to achieve and who do we need to work with to achieve it”?

Media relations support & guidance

While the technology and working practices continue to change, building positive, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with the expanding range of media is as important as ever. We work with you to either manage this on your behalf or help you form, develop and navigate these relationships.

Alongside round-the-clock strategic guidance on proactive or reactive media handling, we offer hands-on media relations support with developing and implementing PR campaigns to achieve quality media coverage including: building integrated PR and digital media plans; writing press materials and developing visual and digital content; preparing for interviews; organising media opportunities; securing and delivering media partnerships; finding and packaging exclusive story opportunities and writing opinion pieces.

True participation & engagement

Our team puts into practice our belief, proven in practice, that true participation in decisions, campaigns and projects delivers where notional consultation fails. We employ the tools and techniques that are right for the job in hand to  deliver productive engagement with the public, agencies, regulators, politicians and other decision-makers central to the specific project.

 Digital strategy & delivery

From a platform to engage with people around a specific project or event through to a space to talk and listen to opinion-formers and campaigners, almost all of the communications strategies we develop are now interweaved with a digital strategy.

As our consumption of information and news continues to fragment and our social interactions adapt and evolve, digital media offers the ability to talk and listen directly to a range of audiences. We provide the strategic insight and hands-on support to build these channels and integrate them strategically and practically across your communications or campaign.

Incident management strategy & support

Despite an optimistic outlook experience tells us that on complex and high-profile projects and campaigns it pays to prepare for the worst. On the rare occasions you need to apply your incident management communications and engagement strategy, good preparation can help a mountain feel like a molehill. The process of creating a strategy also gets the whole team into good habits when dealing with incidents and issues, whatever their apparent size and scale.

As well as helping develop and test incident management strategies, we provide support when dealing with incidents and issues. We cut our teeth managing incidents alongside a wide-range of stakeholders during the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Park and a broad range of other incidents and issues for other clients. Our Director’s professional training in dispute resolution and mediation adds a useful additional perspective in the development of communications strategies and guidance for senior decision makers.

Hands-on delivery

Thinking and doing go hand in hand for us. We are equally comfortable and capable creating a simple, solid strategy to overcome a complex challenge as we are knocking on doors to engage with residents or managing a press line and social media accounts.

We can also contract and provide interim staff and teams to deliver in-house if required.

Training, mentoring & coaching

Whether for your in-house team, volunteers or members, we offer training in the whole range of communications and engagement skills development from planning a campaign through to handling media interviews. We also mentor and coach management staff to support them in their day-to-day role and career development.

Compelling content: pictures, words & film

Our team is experienced in producing concise and clear copy on a huge range of subjects from infrastructure policy to parks for national newspapers, trade magazines, policy documents, planning submissions, annual reports, speeches, blogs, tweets and websites. We pride ourselves in distilling complex issues into easy-to-understand and powerful language.

We work closely with trusted and respected photographers In-Press to create the images tailored to the specific aims of a project, whether that is news coverage, profile pictures or the cover of a report.

Our skilled film producer partners create the b-roll, video-blogs and films that give your story and message impact across a range of media from TV, social media and online platforms. We are also experienced at pitching, negotiating and managing partnerships on TV documentaries and TV and radio magazine shows.