The 100Vision story

John Hopkins

John Hopkins (facing camera with white hat) and members of his team in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for Neville Gabie‘s ‘after bathers at Asinieres by Séurat’.

After seven years of campaigning for improvements to UK working life I joined the project to deliver the Olympic Park, for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and long-term legacy.

The highlight of this once-in-a-lifetime journey was telling the story of the transformation of a predominantly industrial and contaminated area into a magnificent setting for the London 2012 Games and a new part of my home city for generations to come.

Working with the architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, planners, horticulturists, archaeologists, artists and the host of other experts and leaders who delivered the Olympic Park and London 2012 Games was an honour. It was also an insight into the foresight and passion of the visionaries developing the ideas that can help us shape our future to improve our quality of life and shared prosperity and tackle climate change.

Standing with the visionary landscape architect John Hopkins (1953-2013) overlooking the emerging new London park he was creating with his team, he said the park would be great for the Games, fantastic ten years later and truly at its best in one hundred years time. I have helped campaigners and leaders achieve major changes over 2-5 years but was stopped in my tracks by this deep dedication to a legacy that will benefit most the generations living, working and playing in east London a century from now.

That moment planted the seed of 100Vision. Inspirational people like John Hopkins have a one hundred year vision of better infrastructure, homes, places and parks designed to improve the quality of life and society and help tackle climate change. We want to work with them to help make their vision a reality.

The road from great vision to reality is seldom smooth and it is often the case that the greater the vision the rougher the road. Communications strategy and support, including true engagement and participation, can turn vision into reality by bringing politicians, opinion-formers, commentators, the public, local residents, campaigners and other decision-makers together on a journey to a shared destination.

Taking a practical and principled approach, rooted in honesty and openness, our experience tells us that most obstacles can be overcome through talking, listening and working together.

We bring together bespoke teams of the best in the business, tailored to deliver each project. Our teams combine decades of experience delivering the full range of communications and engagement tools including: high quality communications strategy; hands-on media relations support; digital strategy and delivery; content creation; incident management support and productive engagement with the public, agencies, regulators, politicians and other decision-makers.

Our team puts into practice our tried and tested belief that true participation in decisions and projects delivers successfully where notional consultation fails and harms relationships and reputations.

We want to see change in our places, infrastructure, parks and neighbourhoods. And we are committed to being part of that change and how it is delivered. We want to help people and projects turn their one hundred year vision into a reality.

100Vision Founder and Director, Ben Hurley

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